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Client Testimonials

“Cynthia is simply the best employment law attorney in the Tampa Bay area. I am always impressed with an attorney with the legal chops and the stamina to dare to stand up for what is right (there are a lot of lazy lawyers out there). Cynthia is experienced, tenacious, intelligent, with the right connections to accomplish whatever a case requires. She is a creative thinker, and is highly committed to getting to a favorable resolution for her client, whatever it takes. She handles claims professionally, listens, and responds quickly to any questions or inquiries. And when she needs to deliver forceful legal moves, she does so with precision.”
–Dotty Bollinger, 5.0 Rating ★★★★★

“This sentiment is shared before the outcome of our five-day trial is known, because these feelings do not stem from a favorable outcome and would not change with an unfavorable one.

To each member of the Sass Law Firm – I appreciate and respect every single one of you so much!

It has truly enriched my life in knowing you throughout this process and witnessing the way you pour your heart and soul into a case, and your skillfulness, fairness and ethics, thoroughness, professionalism, knowledge, and the way you work together as a stellar team, and – the most lasting on my heart – your compassion. That includes the recent circumstances with my son being admitted to the ICU the morning of our second day of trial (for which you never let be known the huge inconvenience I know that delay and continuance of trial caused), and well beyond – you never even made me feel badly the first morning of trial when I misjudged needed travel and parking time and arrived late.

I will always be so grateful to you for believing in me that first day I came to your office and pleaded for help and your expertise – particularly in having felt like the ‘little guy’ against the ‘big guy,’ and understanding the hurdle of overcoming a favorable presumption toward a legal professional who is expected to be held to a high standard of ethics. In searching for the best representation when it was needed, so many legal professionals and different resources led me to you. You didn’t need or want my case, yet you believed in me and fought so hard for me.

If the outcome should not be in my favor for some reason, it will certainly not be because of any shortcomings on this end – on the contrary, I feel you fought for me with the same determination, expertise, and thoughtful judgment that you would have if I were your very own family. From the deepest place in my heart, I am so grateful for that and for all of you!”
–Jennifer Jenkins, 5.0 Rating ★★★★★

“Everyone at the Sass Law Firm was very helpful. From the time I first contacted the firm to the end of the process they were great. If you ever have the need for not only a very competent attorney but a very competent staff you should consider hiring this firm for your legal needs.”
Tom Hoof, 5.0 Rating ★★★★★

“On Thursday April 6th 2016 my wife visited with Cynthia Sass. I attended the meeting as my wife has been going through a particularly bad issue at work. We found Cynthia to be caring, compassionate,and very easy to talk with about this most difficult issue. We found her insights extremely valuable and her council prudent in helping my bride of 26 years navigate through these tough times.”
–Mark Larsen, 5.0 Rating ★★★★★

“My experience with the Law Offices of Cynthia Sass has been nothing but professional and respectful. During my initial consultation, I had all of my questions answered and felt very comfortable with the firm’s ability to represent me in an upcoming EEOC mediation. Ms. Sass and Ms. Everhart worked together to negotiate for me and bring me the best possible outcome. Having worked for a larger law firm in the past, I felt the Law Office of Cynthia Sass was very cost conscious and tried to mitigate expenses when possible. Most importantly, Ms. Everhart did an AMAZING job preparing me for the EEOC mediation. They have knowledge of many opposing firms and were able to give me insight on what to expect from opposing counsel. I felt very well prepared and understood exactly what to expect with the EEOC mediation process. Ms. Everhart was dead on with her preparation and I felt very fortunate to have her navigating my mediation. Ms. Sass was very involved with my negotiation process, and I felt they were using their available resources to provide me with the best possible outcome. Yes, you will have to pay for your consultation—- but remember, you pay for what you get. I felt the costs were better than some of the larger firms in the area, and I am very glad that I was referred to the Law Offices of Cynthia Sass. I would and will recommend anyone having labor related issues to this law firm. Thanks, ladies!!!”
–A.H., 5.0 Rating ★★★★★

“Dear Ms. Sass, I would like to express our extreme gratitude to you for the insightful, topnotch, highly professional and compassionate legal services you recently provided to me during my resolution of a critical and pressing legal matter. There is nothing more important than finding an expert legal advocate to guide and assist when negotiating a situation involving something as important as work-related discrimination, FMLA, and wrongful termination/resignation issues. I performed research prior to selecting you, an expert in this field, to provide me with legal services. You came to me highly recommended, from numerous personal sources…You are about helping someone who has legitimately been wronged. You are an awesome person and top legal advocate, Ms. Sass. I am so thankful that I have you in my legal corner.”
5.0 Rating ★★★★★

“I cannot say enough positive things about my experience while working with law Office of Cynthia N. Sass, especially Cynthia and Benjamin Briggs for my contractual matters. At first, when the case hit on me, I had consultations with other firms who either failed to raise my comfort level enough in advancing an initial discussion or disappointed me by making me feel that they really didn’t care my case or lacked some basic legal knowledge and “enthusiastic” attitude to pursue the case. That is why I came to Ms. Sass’s law firm since I knew that they had very good reputation in their legal community. Before I contacted them, I did a lot of search.

I met with Ms. Sass first to discuss my concerns. Within about an hour she concisely delineated the issue and provided a clear opinion which was invaluable to me. After I retained them to work on my case, thy worked diligently and promptly. After their investigation of the case, they laid out options/plans to me and encouraged me to review all of my options to see what would be in my best interest, rather than jump at the first opportunity to make some money for them. They were extremely diligent while negotiating with the opposing counsel for me and they very promptly kept me updated about all details of the process. And they was always available to answer the plethora of questions I had for them, some of which were just simple or silly questions.

At some point of this case, my main contact person in the firm is Benjamin Briggs, Esquire in her law firm. Particularly for him, I was amazed by his quick responsiveness. Sometimes, I placed a call and he was busy and I left message. I was contacted immediately upon leaving a voicemail. When I emailed, I always got replies promptly and in a timely manner. Benjamin was the most attentive, understanding and personable lawyer I had conversed with. He was quite compassionate, considerate and took a respective interest towards my individual predicament- making me feel like that someone there finally understood what I was going through and could justly advocate on my behalf.

Actually, in the whole process, they were all willing to put on my shoes to work on behalf of me, which I believe is the best characteristics of good lawyers. They listen to me, understand me, or tried to understand me and consider my unique concern from my perspective. For me, they acted like friends, rather than businesspersons. They made me feel that they are not just good lawyers and they are also good people with profound legal knowledge working for me. They made me feel better in my tough time. Cynthia and Ben, if you are reading this, thank you so much for being with me in my tough time.”
–Zy S., 5.0 Rating ★★★★★