2009 Events

CYNTHIA N. SASS October 28, 2009 – Cynthia Sass presented the topic, Discrimination and Fair Labor Standards Act Claims, to members of the 2009 Employment Discrimination Law Clerk Training Program for federal law clerks sponsored by the American Bar Association.

YVETTE D. EVERHART September 17, 2009 – Yvette Daniels-Everhart presented at the joint United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and City of Tampa Division of Community Affairs Training Seminar. Ms. Everhart spoke on The ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

YVETTE D. EVERHART September 5, 2009 – Yvette Daniels-Everhart spoke at the Summer Convention of the Florida National Employment Lawyers Association. Her topic, Yours, Mine or Theirs – The Document Dilemma, discussed current issues in document production.

JANET E. WISE June 26, 2009 – Janet Wise spoke on the topic of NELA’s Ethics Survival Kit: The Rules, Opinions & Decisions All NELA Members Should Have at Their Fingertips at the National Employment Lawyers Association’s 20th Annual Convention in California.

CYNTHIA N. SASS June 25, 2009 – Cynthia Sass spoke at the 2009 Florida Bar Annual Convention President’s Showcase in Orlando. Her topic was Change You Can Believe In (Like It or Not!): Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Paycheck Fairness Act, Family and Medical and Leave Act Revisions, and Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments.

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