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Employment Contracts

Employment contracts typically include information about compensation, job title, job responsibilities, benefits, terms and conditions of employment, and termination procedures. At the Sass Law Firm, we care about our clients and help workers understand their rights in regard to written, oral and implied contracts, including “at-will” employment. We represent workers in breach of contact claims and help employees and their employers draft contracts that protect their interests.

Understanding the Different Types of Employment Contracts

There are different ways to form a contract between a worker and their employer. The three most common types of contract covered in employment law are:

  • Written contract: Often, an employer and employee will sign a contract dictating the terms of their agreement.
  • Oral contract: In many cases, an employer and a worker may simply speak about a job and agree to terms such as pay and hours. When the parties agree, an oral contract is created.
  • Implied contract: Sometimes the terms of employment are never agreed to. In these cases, the actions and statements of the parties may be enough to create a contract.

All three types of contract provide workers with some level of rights. However, an agreement to at-will employment seriously limits rights. At-will employment means that an employer can terminate a worker for any reason or for no reason at all, as long as there is no discrimination involved. Our firm defends the rights of workers, regardless of the type of contract they have entered into. Our attorneys also help companies and their workers come together to agree on a fair contract.

Representing Workers in Florida Breach of Contract Claims

The purpose of a contract is to make sure all parties understand their rights and obligations regarding the relationship they are creating. Contracts can be quite simple or extremely complex, depending on your employer. Because both parties are bound by the terms of the contract, either side may have a viable breach of contract claim when the other side violates the terms of the agreement. In breach of contract cases, the employee may be able to sue for their economic damages. This means that an employer might be forced to pay salary and benefits that the employee lost due to the breach. If you believe your employer is in breach of your contract, our attorneys help you develop a unique solution tailored to your individual situation.

Contact an experienced attorney to help you resolve your employment dispute

If you think you have been unjustly fired from your job or that your employer has not acted in accordance with the terms of your employment, the dedicated lawyers at the Sass Law Firm will give your case the personalized attention you deserve. To schedule an initial consultation with our accomplished Tampa, Florida attorneys, contact us online or call us today at 813-251-5599.

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