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Unpaid Wages, Commissions and Bonuses

Sass Law Firm represents employees in wage and hour disputes with their employers. There are several federal laws and Florida statutes, as well as city and county ordinances that address unpaid wages, including unpaid commissions and bonuses.  We know you work hard for your pay, so it is important that you receive all the pay you have earned. 

What if I have unpaid wages or commissions or bonuses?

Your employer must pay you all wages that are due. Final wages should be paid according to your employer’s regular pay cycle.  The same is true for unpaid commissions or bonuses, which also constitute unpaid wages.  You must be paid commissions and bonuses earned according to your employment contract, company payment structure or your employer’s compensation practices.  Keep in mind that if you do not have a contractual agreement with your employer, your employer may change its commission policy at any time regarding future payments.  However, earned and accrued commissions or bonuses cannot be reduced or recalculated retroactively, so, if you already earned it, it is due to you.  If you are owed wages, commissions or bonuses, you may be able to recover your lost wages plus your reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs if you are successful, but not liquidated damages

What is wage theft recovery?

Some Florida counties have passed wage theft and recovery ordinances that may allow you to recover unpaid wages from your employer.  If you live or work in the below counties, this may be an option for you to pursue to recover your unpaid wages.

Do these laws apply to me if I am a contractor worker for the federal government?

No, as federal contractor workers fall under a different law, the Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act.

If you believe you have not been paid for work performed, schedule a consultation with an experienced employment law attorney like those at the Sass Law Firm to discuss your legal options as the deadlines to file vary depending on your location and circumstances surrounding your employment.

Many of these wage and hour claims have strict time limits to pursue, so don’t delay. 

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