Tortious Interference with Employment

Labor & Employment Law

Tortious Interference in a Business Relationship

If your former employer sabotages your efforts to maintain employment with your current employer or your current business dealings, you may have a claim for tortious interference with employment. It is illegal for your former employer to interfere with your current employment efforts by doing things such as trying to “enforce” an unenforceable non-compete agreement or otherwise interfere with your business relationships.

However, to succeed on a claim of tortious interference, you will need to show that a business relationship existed between you and another party, that your past employer or “bad actor” knew of this relationship, that it acted to disrupt your relationship in an unjust manner, and that you actually suffered damages from that interference. There is a four-year deadline from the date of such interference for you to bring a claim in court. If successful, you may recover losses suffered as a result of the proven interference.

If you believe you may have a viable claim for tortious interference with employment, schedule a consultation with an experienced employment lawyer to discuss your legal options.

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