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Can My Employer Cut My Pay?

Sass Law Firm Blog Money Bag with measuring tape representing cut in payYes. Because employment in Florida is at-will, an employer can cut your pay prospectively with or without notice at any time. In other words, your employer cannot reduce wages you already earned, but can do so for future hours worked.

While your employer can cut your pay, in some circumstances, you may have a legal claim against your employer for cutting your pay.   For example, if you have an employment contract that provides for certain compensation, your employer may breach that agreement if it reduces your wages.  As another example, if a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) governs the terms and conditions of your employment, such as wages, your employer may violate the CBA by reducing wages.  You may also have a claim against your employer for reducing your wages if it did so for a discriminatory (i.e. because of race, sex, color, national origin, religion, disability, age, or other protected characteristic) or retaliatory (i.e. because you complained about discrimination or blew the whistle) reason.

If your employer cuts your pay and you want to evaluate whether you have a legal claim, consult with experienced employment attorneys today. Do not delay as some legal claims are subject to strict time deadlines.

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