Picture of microscopic coronavirus

Returning to Work After the Quarantine: What Types of Medical Certification and Testing are Permitted Under the Law?

The EEOC recently issued guidance on what information and tests employers may request from employees when they reopens their workplace doors during this pandemic.

Before allowing an employee to return to work an employer may:

  • Ask you if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Take your body temperature.
  • Ask for a doctor’s note certifying fitness for duty.
  • Administer a coronavirus test.

Picture of microscopic coronavirusEmployers must keep this information confidential and store it separately from the employee’s personnel file.  However, an employer may disclose the identity of an employee to a public health agency when it learns that the employee has the virus.

Have more questions? Consult an employment attorney who can tell you what rights you have related to COVID-19 or other employment-related issues.

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