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Five Florida Unemployment Changes Fast Approaching

Pandemic Unemployment Benefits SLF Blog on Pandemic Unemployment Changes with picture newspaper with unemployment as headline

If you are receiving the additional $300 pandemic-related unemployment benefits, changes are coming that will impact you.

As we previously addressed in our prior blog on this topic, states could opt in to the Federal unemployment benefits program to provide unemployed workers affected by the pandemic with an additional $300 per week in unemployment monies. Florida opted to participate in this program.

Pandemic Unemployment Benefits ENDING Soon

As of June 26, 2021, Florida will no longer participate in the federal pandemic unemployment assistance program. Governor DeSantis announced Florida’s withdrawal from the program based on the availability of over 400,000 job openings within the state in April 2021 alone.

Work Search Requirements RESTARTING

Before the pandemic, people receiving state unemployment benefits were required to make a diligent effort to secure other employment, including applying to three or five employers (depending on your location) a week. When COVID hit, the unemployment agency suspended this requirement. However, this waiver is expected to end as of May 29, 2021, which means if you are on unemployment, you will need to start looking for jobs to continue to receive unemployment benefits, if you are eligible.

Waiting Period RETURNING

Normally, a person claiming unemployment benefits had to wait a week before payments were made. This is called the waiting period. However, this waiting period was suspended through June 26, 2021 because of the pandemic. Based on the above changes to unemployment, the suspension of the one-week waiting period is also likely to end and the standard waiting period will be reinstated.

If you are seeking benefits or are already receiving unemployment, make sure you are aware of these upcoming deadlines and requirements.

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