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Employment agreements are written contracts that specify the rights of an employer and a company both during and after employment. In many cases, these contracts place restrictions on the rights of the employee to perform certain actions while at the company, or even for years after employment ends. The goal of these agreements is usually to protect the company’s resources, including its business relationships and confidential information. When the clauses found in the agreement place too high of a burden on an employee, a court may find them to be unenforceable. If you are negotiating the terms of a new contract or are being unfairly held back by an employment agreement, the Sass Law Firm. will fight to have the agreement modified or eliminated.

Which Terms in an Agreement are the Most Likely to Cause a Problem?

Depending on the exact situation you find yourself in, even the most basic provision of your contract may cause a dispute. Most disputes, however, involve the following types of provisions:

  • Non-compete clauses: Non-competes are a tool used by employers to prevent workers from taking advantage of their training during the course of employment and using that training to start a new business or work for another employer. Non-compete provisions are usually required to be limited to a reasonable scope of time and place. Courts generally will enforce these provisions to prevent direct competition, but our attorneys are often able to show that the terms are too broad and restrictive, preventing workers from moving on and getting a job at a company too far away to actually compete with the original employer.
  • Non-solicitation provisions: These provisions are meant to protect an employer’s business by preventing an employee from bringing other employees over with them to a new company. They often also prevent employees from trying to do business with the original employer’s customers or clients. If you have been accused of violating this type of provision, our attorneys can help.
  • Non-disclosure agreements: Employers often wish to protect confidential information such as trade secrets, unique processes or sensitive client data. In these cases, an NDA may be signed. An NDA may seek to stop whistleblowers from revealing important information from the public. In some cases, our firm will be able to show that the non-disclosure agreement was unlawful.
  • Compensation agreements: Managers and other high-level employees may have special bonuses, stock options and perks written into their employment contract. When a dispute arises over compensation agreements, we are on your side.
  • Severance agreements: Sometimes employers agree ahead of time to pay employees’ wages and benefits upon the termination of employment. If employers try to avoid paying what they owe under these severance agreements, our firm will pursue your rights.

Whether your dispute with your Tampa employer stems from one of these provisions or from some other type of clause, you have rights under the law. Our dedicated team of employment lawyers work diligently to prove to a court that you should not be bound by unfair or overbroad provisions.

If an unfair employment agreement is holding you back, contact an experienced attorney

When it comes to contract disputes, experience makes a difference. The Sass Law Firm. offers clients our big firm experience with our small firm service. Don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 813-251-5599 to schedule an initial consultation with an accomplished employment law attorney in Tampa, Florida.

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