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Experienced Tampa Employment Law Attorneys Defending the Rights of Florida Workers

Helping employees when state or federal law is violated

The entire employment experience is heavily regulated by both federal regulations and Florida law. From the questions asked at your interview to termination of employment, there are laws applying to every moment of employment. Employers must follow rules about working conditions, wages, benefits and time off. These regulations give employees rights. When those rights are violated by companies, the attorneys at the Sass Law Firm. are here to get you justice.

Helping you understand workplace rights and obligations in Florida

Tampa workers have rights under both state laws and national laws. These rights protect against discrimination and govern employment contracts and agreements.

Florida law bans discrimination based on race, age, disability, religion, sex, pregnancy or national origin. Additionally, the state offers protections against sexual harassment. You have rights when an employer or supervisor offers you favors or benefits in exchange for sexual contact. Floridians are also protected against having to work in an overly sexualized environment. Our knowledgeable team of attorneys gets justice for those who have faced discrimination or harassment at work.

Protecting against unfair termination

Employment in Florida is “at-will.” This means that an employer can fire you without good reason or for no reason at all. The law does give workers some protection regardless of what is in employment contracts. You cannot be fired in retaliation for reporting dangerous conditions at work or for complaining about sexual harassment.

Sometimes employees never sign a contract and instead only have an oral employment agreement. Others have no agreement whatsoever and instead rely on an implied contract which can be inferred from the statements and actions of the employer and employee. While workers under an implied contract may still have rights protecting them from unfair termination, these claims can be harder to prove. Our experienced attorneys know how to build this type of case to get justice for our clients.

Tampa attorneys understand your rights under local, state and federal law

To fully understand any work or contract dispute and the rights of the worker involved, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the law. Our attorneys are on the forefront of the employment law practice and stay current with all changes in labor law. Your claim may be governed by a combination of federal laws, Florida Statutes and municipal ordinances. We provide you with the personalized experience you need to help you understand how all of these rules apply to your specific situation.

Call now to speak with experienced employment lawyers

If you think something that happened to you at work was unfair, give yourself peace of mind by speaking to an experienced Tampa attorney at the Sass Law Firm. who can help you understand the law in your situation. You can schedule an initial consultation with us by contacting us online or by calling us now at 813-251-5599.

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