Sass Blog GINA Discrimination with DNA Helix

Has Your Employer Inquired About Your Relative’s Covid Test Results? They may have violated the law.

What is Happening in the Workplace Today with GINA? The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced that a dermatology practice in Tampa, Florida …

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Sass Law Firm Blog Caregiver Discrimination Picture of Father Looking at Disabled Son in Wheelchair

Are You a Victim of Caregiver Discrimination?

Many employees take on caregiving responsibilities not only for their children, but also spouses, partners, older relatives, individuals with disabilities, or others. As the COVID-19 …

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Sexual Harassment stamp on top of gavel laying across scales of justice

Sexually Harassed? Get Your Day in Court as Mandatory Arbitration is Now Illegal

A new law now makes it illegal for an employer to force workers subjected to sexual harassment or sexual assault in the workplace to arbitrate …

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Picture of COVID-19 vaccine bottle and syringe on a yellow government form with a white mask

OSHA Withdraws Private Employer Vaccine Mandate Rule

OSHA has officially withdrawn its ETS requiring employers with 100 or more employees to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine in the workplace. This comes after the …

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Picture of 5 hands, 3 with gloves on, reaching out with vaccination shots to a hand held in the STOP position

Vaccine Mandates: What’s Happening Now

Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings last week on the COVID vaccine mandates, here is what you need to know: OSHA Vaccine Mandate for Private …

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Picture of partial Florida flag above a field of blue with two blue-gloved hands holding a syringe for the COVID vaccine

Florida Broadens Exemptions for Vaccine Mandate

In response to President Biden’s vaccine mandates (which we covered in prior blogs, available here), Governor Ron DeSantis passed a new law designed to broaden …

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Picture of Healthcare Worker Mandatory Vaccines with stethoscope

Mandatory Vaccines for Workers of Medicare and Medicaid Providers: What You Need to Know

Update:  Some States Halt Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate, But Not Florida!!! If you hadn’t heard, a federal judge in Louisiana granted a nationwide injunction on …

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Sass Law Firm Blog OSHA Mandatory Vaccines Picture of hand holding phone with Vaccinated checkmarked Scan QR-code next to a blue gloved hand holding a vaccine bottle and needle

NEWS FLASH: Long-Awaited OSHA Vaccine Rule is Here!

OSHA Vaccine Mandate Developments December 20, 2021 On Friday, December 17, 2021, the federal appeals court tasked to decide whether OSHA’s emergency temporary rule mandating …

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Picture of Vaccine for Covid-19 along with mask and gloved hands Employers Requiring COVID-19 Vaccines

New Vaccine Mandates for Federal Employees

We have previously published a blog, Ten Takeaways from EEOC New Guidance on Employers Requiring COVID19 Vaccines, which explained how employers could require their employees …

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Picture of Vaccine for Covid-19 along with mask and gloved hands Employers Requiring COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Update: President Biden’s Executive Order for Employers With Over 100 Employees

We previously issued articles discussing the EEOC’s guidance on vaccine mandates, Recent EEOC Guidance on Mandatory Vaccinations:  Can You be Fired for Refusing to Get …

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Picture of rainbow colored flag under a gavel

EEOC Resources on Workplace Sexual Orientation and Transgender Discrimination

One year after the landmark decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, the EEOC launched a resource page dedicated to sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination (SOGI).  This invaluable resource …

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Picture of floating coronavirus Florida COVID-19 Liability Shield Law 2021

Employees Beware: Employer COVID-19 Liability Shield

Hoping to hold your employer liable for your exposure to COVID-19? Not so fast. COVID Liability Shield Law Passed in Florida On March 29, 2021, …

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